Material DKFZ


Here you find the hand-out with the relevant key messages and the promised list of books.


The Mentimeter results can be found here:

Group A

Group B

Group C

Chess Figures

As some asked – here you can download the chess figures.


Chess Figures

Alternatives to Powerpoint

Since some asked for alternatives to powerpoint:

It’s certainly worthwhile to check out Mentimeter if you want to add interactive elements to your presentations.

A slightly different way to present it Prezi, it has a bit of a learning curve, but is worthwhile checking. There are various demos to get a feeling on how it can look like.

There are various online slide design tools (e.g. visme, slides, slidebean and others) but they often don’t have a benefit over powerpoint. Something that is slightly different and certainly can give you some inspiration is It is limited in what you can do, since it’s highly automated and changes things for you. Maybe not always for the better, but you can fiddle around with it a bit.

If you work on a Mac I personally recommend using Keynote. It’s like powerpoint without all the unnecessary buttons.